In 2020, we started the Wanderlust blog - since then, we have steadily added posts. It all started with the topic of hiking, but now we also want to add travel, cities and smaller excursions.
It will be a colourful mix.
Let us surprise you. :)

For all those who have just joined us:
We hope you enjoy reading the articles. Please also have a look at our Youtube channel, where we capture hikes and - from the air via drone - beautiful places.

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions
feel free to write to us using the contact form.

Sunny greetings*
Franz & Maria

*or wintry, if the picture is anything to go by


"Hey, let's start a blog," Franz said to me. I, thinking that it would only be a small website without any reach, liked the idea. As a hobby, of course. I would never have guessed that we would start editing videos, thinking about photography or dipping a mini-cam into an ice-cold stream.
The little project from the beginning has degenerated over time - but not in a negative sense. Of course, some days it's just too much: one post still has to be written, one video edited and the batteries charged for the next tour. The Wandernadel booklets for the Harz Mountains must not be missing from the luggage - and despite all the blogging, the actual hiking must not mutate into a photo safari. After all, that is not - at least for us - the point of a tour into the countryside.

Because that's what it's all about: Everyday life off, relaxation on.


During the development of the blog, we asked for lots of tips. We can recommend these platforms to anyone who wants to start a blog themselves or who wants to become self-employed with a creative activity:

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Alexi Arnold, photographer

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For multi-hobbyists and jack-of-all-trades who can't find fulfilment in a single job, we recommend this book (not an affiliate):

Barbara Sher - Du musst dich nicht entscheiden, wenn du tausend Träume hast


We have often heard comments like "Aren't you busy at work?" or "All you see are trees."

Sometimes it's not easy to explain it to others. Maybe it's not possible at all. Maybe you have to experience it yourself.

Nature, the animals, everything alive around you, the fresh air, little streams - and yes, trees too. That goes without saying.

In our case, we are driven by curiosity about new places, new people and nature, where we can switch off from everyday life.*

*Note from Franz: He says he just likes to run. That's one way of looking at it, of course.