Hiked into the new year

31.12.2021 - From Pansfelde to a bison enclosure, and then to Wieserode - at dusk and at night.

For the last day of the year we have planned something special: A night hike. It was actually also the first that we have undertaken. At short notice, we could still order headlamps, which then also worked well.

We started in the afternoon at Pansfelde.

First stamp site found. :3

On our way east we passed a bison enclosure. Slowly it dawned, but you could still see the way.

100 points for the headlamps, they did their job very well when it then became very dark. We will test on other hikes how long the battery can hold maximum and then let you know. :) The light was definitely very good, we had to point the lights down so as not to blind motorists.

Yes, I have a bend light on my head, it was green-purple.

This is what our break looked like, all the essentials included: champagne, rolls and sausages. ;)

Arrived in Wieserode, we passed a cute half-timbered church.

Here you see on the left our modest little fireworks for 2022 and on the right one where we watched. :)
The way home by car was tricky because everyone was on the streets lighting their little ground fireworks.

We wish everyone a happy new year 2022!

Stay healthy, stay lively and don't let it get you down. :)