Birthday hike for Franz

05.01.2022 - On this day, Franz was of course allowed to choose the destination. He chose the village of Torfhaus in the Harz Mountains, from where we set off in the direction of Altenau.

An einer Stelle endete der Weg, den wir genommen hatten, abrupt, sodass wir uns von Gestrüpp zu Gestrüpp bewegen mussten. In dem "Boden", den ihr hier seht, sinkt man ein, wenn man nicht aufpasst. Zwei Ranger (wir vermuten, dass es welche waren), haben uns geholfen, den richtigen Weg zu finden.

The journey continued through the winter wonderland...

Many paths were rather "stream paths", which was probably due to the melting snow. If you want to walk here, wear waterproof and mudproof shoes ;)

Arriving at the Wolfswarte, we had a breathtaking view of the snow-covered valley below us. Other photographers/bloggers were also there when we arrived. They had professional camera equipment with them. :)

It really is a great place to take photos.

Now it started to snow, luckily it was hardly windy.

Here you can see the outdoor pool at Okerteich, which we visited in autumn. We both hardly recognised it. Anyone fancy a swim?

The tour continued to the dam ditch, which used to supply the mining industry with water.

Someone has built two cute little snowmen on a table.

On the way back to Torfhaus we were given another great view. It was slowly getting dusk and the view was getting dimmer.

The descent was horrible, we had to be very careful not to slip. When it got very dark, we strapped on our headlamps, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to see the way.

Back at the car park, we had to clear the snow from our car and then we were off home again. The heating was on full blast.