Even more snow
in Elbingerode

07.01.2022 - Winter Wonderland in the Harz Mountains - Hike from Elbingerode to Rübeland.

We started in Elbingerode, which lies to the east of the Brocken. Our first stamp station was at the Felswerke open-cast mine, where lime is mined.

Our path took us past another open-cast mine. There we got lost, so we had to go down the slope to get to Rübeland. Franz scrambled, I slid down.

Here is the view of Rübeland from above:

Once down, our next destinations were the Hoher Kleef viewing pavilion and the Schornsteinberg. So it was: boot up, then down, over a bridge, then up again and back down into the village. Goethe visited both places ;)

On the chimney mountain...

Last but not least, we took the direct route back to Elbingerode, where we headed for the Galgenberg as the last stamp station for the day.

By the way, we now have the hiking king. :) Our next goal is to complete the Harzer Steiger with 111 stamps, which could take some time ;)