On the move at old borders

17.01.2022 - Mägdesprung - a mining town in the Harz mountains, situated on the Selke river.

Mägdesprung - The border between the Duchy of Anhalt and the Kingdom of Prussia used to run roughly here, which is why this route was called "Going to the Borders". We were there and collected stamps again.

It's curious what nature can sometimes produce...

Here you can see the Erbstollen portal. In the language of the miners, this is the deepest drainage gallery in a mining district. This one was driven to a length of 2,336 m between 1830 and 1862 and named after Duke Alexius, who founded the district of Alexisbad and supported mining and metallurgy. In the 19th century, Mägdesprung was very successful in the field of art casting production.

Arriving at the Anhalt castle ruins, we again enjoyed the view and the liberating feeling as the wind whispered and the grasses moved.

The way back seemed shorter than the way there, as is often the case. We didn't need the head torches this time, but we will now always have them with us for safety. Sometimes time goes by faster than you think.