22.01.2022 - During this hike near Friedrichsbrunn, the weather showed a rainy, mystical side - we enjoyed the fresh air.

This time we were on the road in Friedrichsbrunn. As we approached the destination, we practically drove into the fog, later rain came and the ground was partly icy, but fortunately thawed later. First we set our sights on the Teufelsmühlen. Here you can see the big one and, on the second picture, the small one. There is a legend about the granite rock groups, which connects them with a mill created by the devil.

On it went...

On the way we caught the atmosphere, fog, water, ice and snow were everywhere. It didn't get any warmer that day.

When we arrived at the Bear Monument, there was another stamping station. From here it was back to the Teufelsmühlen, back on the circular route and on to the Bergrat Müller pond.

You can't call this photo weather, but we are only hobby photographers. We want to tell the story behind the pictures, that's the most important thing for us. This is the aforementioned dam pond, formerly used for mining:

Franz tried out a new angle:

Due to the gloomy weather, this time we were very much looking forward to the way back and a warm coffee at home. The backpacks were soaked through by the rain, the hiking pin books full of drops and the wet jackets were miserably warm at the end of the tour.

We had met a few other hikers, but only a few. Respect to all who are out in such weather.