In the eye of the storm
- Güntersberge

19.02.2022 - A hike in strong winds - please do not imitate.

With an estimated wind force of 5 (it was about 40 km/h wind speed), we ventured into the Harz Mountains, after all it was Saturday again - i.e. hiking day. This time we ended up in Güntersberge. Already at the beginning, a tree trunk lay across the path. At this point, we had no idea how many more would come.

Thundering water everywhere... the small river here is called Selke and is a tributary of the Bode about 64.4 km long. We crossed the bridge and arrived at a hut.

A small fact on the side: there is no reception in the hut, but there is a small fireplace in front of it, which is certainly very cosy in summer. But with the wind we only stopped for a short break and continued our hike.

"Tree barrier ahead! Climb in 10 metres, then you will have reached the other side."

If you don't watch where you step, you quickly get stuck like Franz... At the following stamping post we were able to catch the moving trees, the wind sometimes died down but could just as quickly pick up again.

Here you can see the stamp box and our hiking pin booklets as a snapshot (yes, there are Pokémon stickers on them), because we had to be able to distinguish which booklets belonged to whom. ;)

The tour continued to the Elbingstalteich, a water reservoir formerly used for mining to generate energy, which gained importance as a fishing lake from the middle of the 18th century.

We set off for the last stamp station...

Genau hier ließen wir unsere kleine Videodrohne steigen, da der Wind etwas nachgelassen hatte, das Ergebnis seht ihr hier:

A small collage of the drone (DJI Mini 2), it did well in the wind.

Now we started on the way back and were glad when we could sit in the warm, wind-protected car. Storms are not without their dangers, you have to be alert and aware of them. Under no circumstances should you travel alone in such conditions, at least we would advise against it.