At the Rappbode Dam

26.02.2022 - An inconspicuous start, the charcoal burner's house - then a famous and a lesser-known dam.

We started in the small town of Altenbrak, which lies on the river Bode. The weather was cloudy and cool, but later very sunny. Spring was in the air.

First stop: Schöneburg. It was hazy, so we didn't have a clear view, but on other days the view must be picturesque. Take a look ;) The way there is well signposted.

We continued over hill and dale - the storm has left many traces. But we have good news for all hikers: someone (or several people) have put up the signs again so that you can't miss your destination. Thanks go out to those who have taken care of this.

We soon reached the Stemberg-Köhlerei, our second destination. A goat greeted us in a friendly manner.

Tip: Have a look in the shop, there are nice souvenirs from the Harz - even the hiking needle booklets. We both can only recommend doing the Wandernadel - without it we wouldn't have even begun to get to know the Harz. Even when you've come a long way, there's always something new to discover - it never gets boring.

The dark fairy Maleficent - well met, we think. She let us pass.

We continued towards the Rappbode reservoir. On the horizon the "mini Alps", no, joke, it is of course the Brocken with its surroundings. ;) The snow had largely thawed, only there it defied the sun's rays.

It was found - the perfect place to launch the drone. Here you can see the shots:

Do you recognise it? It's the titanium RT suspension bridge that runs along the Rappbode Dam. It is the longest of its kind in the world.

The dam at Wendefurth is probably less well-known than the one at Rappbode, unfairly, we think. You won't find the attractions of Harzdrenalin here, but you get a great view from above if you follow a path up to the end of the dam.

The sun is gradually setting and we made our way back to Altenbrak in the pleasant temperatures. Hopefully it will get even warmer soon. :)