Winter is back

05.03.2022 - A hike in the Western Harz - more precisely: in St. Andreasberg.

While in Halle the last few days there has already been weather reminiscent of spring, we found a different situation in the West Harz town of St. Andreasberg: Cold, fresh air, blankets of snow glistening in the sun, no wind blowing. A slight vacation feeling came up.

The streets were largely empty, winding and sloping through the small, still sleeping, town.

After a rough orientation as far as sky directions were concerned, we headed north. The snow made us wish we had spikes for our hiking boots.

Soon we reached our first destination, the Dreibodestein.

Along the way, we spotted a little snowman on the side of the trail who seemed to be cheering. (However, the next time we passed by, he was missing his nose for unknown reasons).

Here you can see the Rehberger Grabenhaus, a restaurant where you can learn more about the mining of the village. The supply of water through the so-called Rehberger Graben was of great importance for the mining industry. Opposite the house is a board where you can learn something about the antler development of a deer in the course of its life, more we will not reveal here. ;) Have a look yourself.

We continued to the cattle barn, another small inn. Against our expectations, there was no cow pasture here - we hiked on.

Silver Lake lived up to its name with its thick layer of ice. Children had joyfully thrown snowballs at it. Franz ventured onto it at the edge, but had to come back to shore because the ice was not so stable after all.

What a view! In between the sun came out, which showed the landscape of the Harz National Park well.

Here you can find all the rules of conduct that apply to the national park:

Verhaltenregeln im Nationalpark Harz | Natur erleben | Nationalpark Harz (

The Hahnenkleeklippen we targeted next, but the route there should not be easy. At a crossroads we met a couple who also wanted to go to the cliffs. Together we stood at the direction and puzzled which of two favored ways would lead to the destination. Since we couldn't agree, the couple took one path and we took the other. With the words, "See you later." we bid them farewell.

After a strange bend that the path made, we could soon spot the little house with the stamp box. A few meters further, a trail led to the actual cliffs, where we met our temporary "hiking companions" from the crossroads. They did not have the stamp yet, but they could already enjoy the phenomenal view of the Oder Valley, which we now also marveled at.

Now we had to start the way back quickly, because we were still a good distance away from St. Andreasberg and wanted to arrive in the light, despite the packed headlamp.

After the cliffs, it was downhill, but we no longer expected an extreme climb to the village, a nasty mistake, as it turned out. The last stage led, of course, felt vertically upwards. When we looked back at this path from above, there was a sign "Difficult path" - Aha, you don't say. XD

But hey, it was still reasonably light and St. Andreasberg couldn't be far now. A small aphid made of wood was to be discovered at the edge of the path, almost as if it wanted to encourage us in this snowy area.

A few steps further we could look at the city, with a beautiful orange sunset. Our legs did not want by the many snow more, but there helped now no complaining, at least came now no more completely icy snow paths.

We were glad when we arrived at our sloping parking lot - sloping in the sense of "a good handbrake on the car is an advantage". I found the angle of the slope a bit alarming, but Franz didn't mind it.

So we warmed up in the car, and drove back to Halle. Franz, the driver, had a coffee on the way.

Here is the video of the hike: