Resin in the Harz 
Mountains - Blankenburg

15.04.2022 - The comeback of a hike that has already taken place in the spring of 2021.

Almost exactly a year ago - to be precise in March - we were on the road in this region. Meant is Blankenburg with its surroundings.
It was one of our first tours on behalf of the Harzer Wandernadel. This time we chose a different route and the weather was duller, but still we could discover some things - at the beginning it was the resin drops on a tree trunk.

We kept walking, two ducks crossed our path.

At Volkmarskeller we explored the caves. They reminded us a bit of the ones at Langenstein - even though there weren't many. Both actually led to a dead end with a view into the forest, a natural balcony, so to speak.

Without fail, Franz came back after noticing this.

Streams, mosses, rocks - that's how we know and love the Harz Mountains.

Very close to the path I discovered a fire salamander. I had noticed him only by his movement. Camouflaged well in the foliage, Franz was able to spot him when I shouted "Stop!" and pointed my finger at him.

The little guy even let himself be photographed, did not move, as if he would enjoy the shooting.

Arrived at the monastery Michaelstein, at the Great Silver Pond, we saw ducks again. At this moment, one jumped into the water - snap - that also had to be captured.

These are the monastery ponds with countless carp in them.

Here you can see the actual monastery grounds:

The Regenstein mill - it was built already at the end of the 12th century:

Finally we arrived at the crowning glory of the hike, the Regenstein Fortress. On this page you can see the former castle as it used to look - compared to today's dimensions:

3D Modelle - Festung Regenstein (

The view into the distance - one of the best things that comes after a climb.

Here you can see the baroque Blankenburg Castle,
which was originally planned as a fortified castle.

This was the end of our tour. After the gray day we were glad to arrive at the car. It was nice to be back in Blankenburg - as one of our first "stamp regions" it has a special meaning for us.