Wild orchids in
Bad Bibra

05/21/2022 - A nature reserve worth hiking - especially for wildlife watchers and plant photographers.

Our hike began in the small inconspicuous village of Krawinkel. From there we went to Bad Bibra and then to Schwarzenbach, later we even took Freyburg with us.

It looked very much like rain at first, but we continued on our way and the weather improved. The white clouds that appeared later gave the landscape something picturesque.

To scramble up here was not without, the climb was very steep - but also rewarding.

Forst Bibra is a nature reserve and thus definitely worth a hike. From the view to the numerous animal and plant species, there is something for everyone.

Once at the top, we saw this plant. It is called "Knabenkraut", belongs to the wild orchids and is not so often to discover.

Here follow some animals that I spontaneously captured on photos...

... a slow worm...

... and even a small bee that let itself be dried by the sun in the middle of a puddle on a stone. From their perspective, the waves must have been gigantic.