Bernburg on the Saale

- pure idyll

04.06.2022 - It was a sunny day and we set off for Bernburg. Along the river Saale we enjoyed the beautiful weather.

We started at Bernburg Castle, which is also called "Anhalt's crown" and houses a museum. It stands on high sandstone rocks, so you have a good view of the Saale.
We followed the cool walls of the Renaissance castle and thus quickly arrived at the Aue - our actual destination.

Straight ahead - in turquoise - you can see the lock of Bernburg.

The tour continued past an industrial area for soda ash and sodium carbonate production. These substances are essential in many areas of industry - for example, in the production of glass, food, detergents and cleaning agents. Whoever is interested in this can learn here more about it.

On the way we spotted some birds, which I captured with the camera - as good as I could.

Shortly after, I found another subject further away: lots of poppies and other colorful plants.

Again my telephoto zoom lens was used.

Since we were oriented to the bank of the Saale, we gradually had to find a bridge to get back to the right side. Fortunately, the one that came next had a narrow path for pedestrians. So we walked again in the direction of Bernburg, where a city festival awaited us.