At the Meißnerhaus

22.07.2022 - A tip for everyone who wants to spend a weekend in beautiful Hesse: the realm of Frau Holle. Here, various trails invite you to explore nature. Not far away, the Hohe Meißner (754 m) offers a great view.

Thanks to an overnight stay we could explore the area. After a break in the grass with a good view of the green, herb-rich idyll, we set off on the first tour - the Premiumrundweg P1

We passed by the so-called Kitzkammer - a bizarre rock formation - about which there are some legends that you can read about here.

"The Kitzkammer" is a rock wall of pentagonal and hexagonal horizontal basalt columns - an impressive geological natural monument. Glowing lava once emerged here from a fissure in the earth. Nevertheless, the Meißner was never a volcano." (Source)

Unfortunately, we only made it halfway along the P1 premium trail, so we had to take a shortcut at the Schalbental lookout point, which brought us back to the Meißnerhaus.

The next day we went to a quarry in the hiking area Bransrode.

On the way back we spotted a slow worm.

Passing grasses, orchids and forests, we returned with many new impressions. We can recommend the Meißnerhaus to anyone who would like to have a choice of different hiking trails - short and long, circular and others - or who would like to make excursions to surrounding places.

An overview of the trails in Frau-Holle-Land can be found here.