Osterode am Harz

20.08.2022 - Oops, we ended up in the western Harz by mistake. (Actually we wanted to visit another Osterode, which is in the middle part of the Harz).

No big deal - spontaneously we planned a new route.

We passed the wooden monument of a kiepe woman. In the past, it was common for women to gather (fire) wood in forests - equipped with a carrying device on their backs, which was often made of willow rods - the so-called Kiepe.

The carriers were also called "camels of the Upper Harz". Sometimes "loads of more than 40 kilograms" were transported. 

The landscape held exciting plant species that grow only in the upper elevations of the Harz Mountains.

There were also many beautiful views.

A flock of sheep hidden in the tall grass. One noticed us immediately when I photographed from a distance.

Past the Mühlenteichbaude, it went back towards Osterode am Harz.

Despite cloudy weather, it was a beautiful excursion into the special landscape of the Upper Harz.

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