Osterode (southern Harz mountains)

03.09.2022 - This time we were right. The small town was hidden in the middle Harz and offered us a good view of the karst landscape typical for the southern Harz.

A note in advance for all stamp collectors: There is now a companion booklet to the Karst Landscape. I link it to you here.

Arrived in Neustadt, we aimed first at this stamp - a wooden version of the Harz narrow-gauge railroad.
If you like, you can even sit inside. Inside are a table and benches.

Our way led us through the beautiful downtown Neustadt...

... we continued to the castle ruins of Hohnstein, from which we got a great view of the small town.

Here you can see our main goal, the dam of Neustadt.

Here too we have to say: Without the Harzer Wandernadel we would never have discovered this place.

Meanwhile we are at about 100 stamps and can say: It's worth it!

If you want to get to know the Harz, it is best to do the

Wandernadel. ;)

It is not necessarily about the number of stamps, but about the beautiful, partly well hidden nooks and crannies of the Harz.