10.09.2022 - In this small town we found something special: a goat pasture where you could buy not only cheese, but also ice cream made from goat's milk.

We started from the goat pasture, where we were welcomed, and hiked past the train station to the Carlhausturm, a viewing platform.

We passed many areas that had been extensively deforested. Instead of trees, grasses, orchids and herbs grew here.

Arrived at the Carlhaus tower, we were rewarded with a view all the way to the Brocken.

Now we started the way back to the goat pasture.


When we arrived, we were greeted again by some of the goats, which we could pet through the bars. :)

An all-around nice trip - we would like to recommend the Ziegenalm at this point. You can even spend the night there.