Hasselfeld dam

18.09.2022 - A short hike with two unexpected events.

Our tour started in Hasselfelde. Who knows Pullman City, knows exactly which one that is ;). Not only the western city can be found here,

but also the Hassel pre-dam, which comes before the well-known Rappbode dam. Our contribution to this I link here.

We had the great luck to see an osprey circling over the reservoir. We would have loved to admire its swoop.

You can see it in this video: Fischadler - Vogelarchiv

On the way back it suddenly started to rain heavily, so we spent half an hour in a hut. My backpack I had of course not impregnated for this day - waterproof cover? Also missing.

We were lucky that the rain stopped soon. In the afternoon we reached Hasselfelde.

For the next time we planned to visit the western town Pullman City. :)

I've been there before, but it's just been too long.... in any case it is worth it.