Egypt - Hurghada

June/July 2022 - We spent two weeks in beautiful Hurghada, which is located on the Red Sea. A day trip to Cairo was also included.

We flew out very early - practically still in the middle of the night - from Leipzig and reached Hurghada around noon. When we got off the plane, we met a wall of hot wind. My hat almost flew off.

Arriving at the hotel, we first had to realize where we were. Everything sandy, hardly any green - except on the hotel grounds. Here were many palm trees that were regularly watered.

A cat had made itself comfortable on one of the tables and seemed much more relaxed than we were on the first day. The climate, the landscape and the impressions were too unfamiliar for us. The vacation feeling should reach us later.

On one of the first days we went to Cairo. We started early in the night, so that after a few stops we arrived around 9 o'clock. The drivers of the van had taken turns - after all, the trip lasted a whole six hours.

First stop: Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
Here you can see paintings, ancient Egyptian chess variants, jewelry, sarcophagi, paintings and more. A visit is worthwhile in any case - but you should plan enough time, that is, several hours. Unfortunately, we only had one at our disposal, so we only managed a small fraction.

Afterwards we went to a boat that can be found on the Nile in Cairo. The "Fish Boat" is a restaurant with typical Egyptian food such as pita, dates, rice and others. We noticed a white bird nearby - a species of heron.

Next we went to the highlight of the tour - the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx.

From right to left, the Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinos pyramids can be seen here. We had arrived at this spot by horse-drawn carriage - only from this angle do you get all the pyramids in one photo.

The Sphinx looks very close to the pyramids, but is actually a good distance away.

After these experiences and the long drive we were looking forward to the hotel. The day after next was a buggy ride through the desert near Hurghada. It is called the Arabian Desert and is part of the Sahara.

Afterwards we were taken by jeep to the mountains, which can be seen blue in the background here. With good music and high spirits, we and the others from the small group enjoyed the ride, which was up and down through the hills most of the time.

We continued by jeep to a Bedouin village not far away. There we could see how flatbreads are made from fine wheat flour and water and which medicinal herbs and balms are available.

Finally, we could ride camels for a short distance and - after a short ride - enjoy a show with Egyptian dances and a fakir.

After this day we were exhausted. The buggy driving was exciting and a lot of fun - so we were very glad that it was a little quieter from then on. For those who want to book the tour when they are in Hurghada - it is called "Romantic Safari" and offers the most.

We made one mistake on the "Island Tour", which we chose as our third and last highlight: We didn't bring bathing suits because we thought we were just exploring the islands near Hurghada. Rather, a snorkeling tour awaited us.
But we could enjoy the island, because here was a huge beach bar built of wood and the water was so shallow that we could wade through it.

On the way back we even saw dolphins. Unfortunately, we could not take them with the camera because they were too far away.

We enjoyed the last days in the hotel until the departure day came. In the middle of the night, around 11pm, we drank coffee at the hotel to keep us awake enough not to miss the cab to the airport. The driver was late, but there was more than enough time for us to browse the stores at the airport. At 4 o'clock in the night one of the Air Cairo planes brought us back to Leipzig - where instead of clear skies a Nisel weather greeted us. We would have liked to stay longer in the sunny land of Egypt.