A stupid idea

Dear readers,

we have a plan, an idea, a concept - call it what you will. "A stupid idea" perhaps sums it up best.

Besides blogging, we want to start an eMagazine that will be published monthly. We already have a rough plan of what will go in it - but we want it to be an eMagazine for all of you, so we're taking your ideas into consideration.

We ask you to answer these questions and send them to us (multiple answers possible - send us the chosen answers, alternatively you can write your own text).


1. What is the most important to you?

a) Current outdoor dates in Central Germany, e.g. night hikes, workshops, city festivals, cultural events, ...

b) 1 - 3 hiking route(s) to follow, different lengths, with all details (km, meters in altitude, highlights, etc.)

c) a "place of the month", which we present

d) interesting facts about flora & fauna in Central Germany

e) More detailed travel reports from us, in narrative style (short stories, so to speak)

f) _____________ (whatever comes to your mind)

2. Should there be an app for the magazine that can be used to read the magazine offline?

(It will also be optimized without an app on mobile/tablet/PC, but will only be readable online).

a) Yes.
b) No.
c) Don't know.
d) I don't care.

3. Space for comments and questions:


Sunny greetings
Franz & Maria